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Corporate Sustainability Culture

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The management of Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa,  implement the SUSTAINABILITY CULTURE, which is the constant commitment to ethical behavior and the contribution to the economic development, while improving the quality of life of its employees as well as the local communities and society in general, bounds:

The protection of the ENVIRONMENT by:

  • Submitting to any requirements of law or others related to the environmental activities
  • Valuing the effects on the environment of these activities with a view to decreasing or even eliminating these negative effects
  • Becoming active in every possible way for the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution
  • Setting goals with the aim of a continual improvement
  • Maintaining of the air quality
  • Protection of the beach and of the quality of the sea water
  • Cooperation with the local authorities for the preservation of the natural beauties of the area
  • Information of all the local authorities about the environmental activities of the hotel in order to make them aware of environmental issues
  • The realization of activities related to energy saving measures, decrease of water consumption, the right management and decrease of waste and sewage
  • Cooperation with the international universities monitor food waste management
  • We make sure that we increasingly buy recyclable products that are locally sourced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way

The protection of its EMPLOYEES and HUMAN RIGHTS by

  • Educating and making the hotel staff participate to the System of Environmental Management
  • Conducting the business in such manner and in such an environment to ensure as far as practicable the safety and health of tis employees, the environment and other affected persons within the company facilities
  • Complying with all relevant laws and regulations concerning safety and health in the workplace and with other requirements to which the company subscribes. Also, for the development of the management system, to comply with the legal and operational changes
  • Providing the necessary resources to make it possible to implement this policy
  • Continuously improving this system
  • In our country, we follow all applicable labor laws and regulations.We closely monitor all labor-related changes and provide ongoing training to our staff beginning with their induction and continuing throughout their careers at our hotels
  • We regard our employees and treat them equally and respectfully, ensuring that no one is discriminated against on the basis of their age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic, religion, culture, family situation, personal beliefs, or disability

Support the LOCAL COMMUNITY by:

  • We prefer purchasing foods, goods and services from local suppliers
  • Promoting the uniqueness and the responsibility of hospitality
  • Offering services which promote the local culture and gastronomy
  • Employing people from local community wherever possible
  • Supporting local institutions by organizing donations
  • Inviting local schools and kindergartens to take part at our environmental actions
  • Encouraging our employees to participate in activities organized by local communities
  • Protecting the right of children to grow up safely, free from exploitation and abuse.
  • We promote local traditions, customs and historical/archaeological sites.
  • We inform our guests how and that they have to respect local people and their culture, a friendly “Kalimera” or “Jia sas” is a important key to get contact to them.

Social Responsibility

  • Blood Donations 
    Every year the team from Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa participate at the Blood Donation program from the Venizeleio Hospital in Heraklion
  • Social Grocery Store
    The hotel delievered food & beverage for the city welfare organization every year.
  • Cultural Association Anogia
    Sponsoring from diffrent events of the Cultural Association from Anogia.
  • People with Disabilities
    We donate for the Association Right to Life

Environmental Policy

Acknowledging the importance of environmental protection in general and towards a sustainable tourism development, the management and the staff of Apollonia Beach Hotel have formed and put into practice a System of Environmental Management, according to the criteria of the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

The System of Environmental Management covers all hotel activities, showing special interest to accommodation and dining services. Based on these best practices, the hotel management commits itself to the following:

  • Communicating with all local authorities about the environmental actions taken by our hotel
  • Educating and involving the hotel staff on the System of Environmental Management
  • Keeping the guests informed about our hotel’s environmental practices and activities and encouraging them to participate in our initiatives.

Our environmental activities include:

  • Clean up the Med > More Info
  • Clean up the World > More Info
  • Hands Across the Sands > More Info
  • World Environmental Day > More Info
  • The “Anthousai Trail” through our park giving information to all our guests about the plants existing on our hotel’s premisses > More Info

Quality Policy

Our vision is to remain faithful to the tradition of Greek hospitality and based on the defined operational standards ISO 22000:2018 in all our activities, to offer to our customers, quality and secure services with our  professional and friendly staff , which are in a constant evolution and development, and they protect the environment.

More specifically the quality policy aims :

  • To the full and continuous customer satisfaction of the services and the products offered
  • to ensure the health and safety of our customers, as long as they remain in our hotel
  • in assessing the environmental impact of our activities in order to reduce or eliminate it
  • To act in every possible way in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution
  • To treat the customer in a reliable, accurate and professional way
  • To improve constantly the quality of services and products we provide
  • To the customer’s satisfaction, so that he can be “our ambassador” expressing only positive comments about our activity
  • To ensure a comfortable and quiet accommodation in our hotel
  • To create an atmosphere of friendship and reciprocal understanding with our clients
  • To the direct and willing response to our customers’ requests
  • To maintain the excellent condition of our facilities and the functionality of our equipment

All of us: the management and the employees, as we believe in continuous improvement, we are committed to the following, which constitutes the Quality Policy of the company:

  • To applicate faithfully and improve constantly, the Quality Assurance System ISO 22000: 2018
  • To follow strictly the instructions of hygiene and safety of food and beverages in accordance with the HACCP study that follows the principles of the Codex Alimentarius,
  • To act in a way that saves energy, reduces water consumption, to the proper management of wastewater generated, and the reduction and proper management of solid waste
  • To maintain a good atmospheric air quality
  • To protect the beach and the water quality
  • To conform to any law or other requirement that is related to the activities of our business

To achieve all of the above:

  • We collaborate with neighboring institutions in order to maintain the natural beauty of the area
  • We inform all stakeholders of the region, for environmental actions carried out by our hotel in order to grow the sensibilization and the participation
  • We train every year the hotel staff to participate actively in the environmental management system and proper application of HACCP
  • We inform our customers about the environmental effects of the hotel in order to encourage an active participation
  • We use only high-quality raw materials, and we evaluate our supplier
  • We maintain the facilities and the equipment in good condition, and we prevent any problems

Our priority is to create a comfortable, pleasant and safe work and residence environment.